Inject Strategy in Testing- Be Ready for the Bolts

Testing cannot be done ad-hoc, unplanned and as a fire-fighting exercise. It’s a user-driven world where quality, engagement and meticulousness are not bonus points but imperatives for anything you are serving out there.

It’s a push-button age that is far more demanding and relentless than any other generation of customers.

Why CloudScaleQA

What we bring to the table is clearly compelling:

  • The mindset that lets you perceive Testing as a strategic lever and not as an afterthought.
  • Cultivating and steering product roadmaps with new levels of confidence, foresight and readiness.
  • The resources and know-how to let you make sense of software in an ever dynamic world full of short-delivery iterations, designs-and-development on a dash, swift test execution, breakneck release cycles and the inevitable onslaught of automation.
  • Capabilities to nurture Testing as the most-dependable cog in the entire user-experience wheel - by tapping automation, planning, best-practices and Agile/Continuous Integration in a confident manner.
  • Well thought out and practical Continuous Test Engineering Methods.

What differentiates us?

We are nimble, hungry and eager to understand your needs from your perspective; instead of slapping on vanilla answers that smell of a factory-approach. At CloudScaleQA, insights rule over commoditization; and the willingness plus ability to comprehend unique challenges, rather than blindly pushing done-and-dusted solutions, takes precedence.

As Forrester’s Diego Lo Giudice predicted ‘In How To Navigate A Crowded, Unconsolidated, And Fast-Transforming Market’ in 2017, in the next five years, smaller and nimbler players, that can more quickly adopt the new model, will challenge and disrupt many of the large and medium-size testing service players with thousands of manual testers.

The Forrester’s Q4 2016 Global Continuous Testing Services Online Survey led to profound reckonings on how and why AD&D pros should consider the medium-size and smaller players that offer more client intimacy and a faster transition to the new model. So yes, we proffer the ability and earnestness to listen well, the way only a small-and-evolving player can.

What we have and what we deliver?

  • Prudence to handle and leverage trends like DevOps, Shift-Left, Shift-Right etc.
  • Big-picture view to combine test review, audit, management, coverage and assessment of tests with a higher perspective.
  • Augmenting utilization of tools, teams, resources, sprints and practices.
  • A better grip on ROI, quality, costs, release-cadence, time-to-market, Test Data Management (TDM), budgets and business-IT alignment.

Approach and Infrastructure

  • Project-based and Consultancy-driven expertise that addresses multiple domains and degrees of complexity as well as diverse application-functionalities.
  • Well-rounded coverage of Unit testing, Accessibility testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Mobile testing, Security testing and Integration testing.
  • A team of experienced and expert software surgeons who have cut their teeth in projects and problems spanning a variety of industries and issues.
  • A versatile pool of answers for various sourcing equations, legacy application contexts, Cloud areas and verticals.
  • Constant hold on what’s in the womb of the future; with razor-sharp IP, innovation projects and labs.
  • Best-of-the-breed solutions, knowledge-sharing thrust, service-delivery excellence and scenario-planning sessions that are tailored and adapted to what the client actually needs

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