The future has new arteries.

Everyone, from analysts to industry players with huge stakes, is predicting the inevitable dominance of Internet of Things or IoT by 2020. When devices seem all set to penetrate and expand in every form, function and task - defining humans at work, at play and at life – how can testing stay away from the repercussions of this new fabric?

Making sure this fabric is robust, stout, smooth and without any snags- now that’s a tester’s job, after all. We cover a vast field of sensors, form-factors, devices, technologies and platforms to make IoT the all-pervading current it is about to become.

What we can tackle well:

  • The ubiquity of embedded IoT systems, sensors, networks and devices.
  • The new set of metrics that IoT landscape would require.
  • The challenges that this scale and penetration will spawn – for developers, engineers as well as users.
  • The associated areas like – network integrity, battery level, bandwidth, coverage etc.
  • Strengths and issues around automated testing for IoT (and the ensuing testing requirements).
  • The sheer diversity of new portables and touch-points and how they translate into software aspects.
  • An enormous span and scale of IoT connectivity, standards and communication protocols.

We offer:

  • Real-time testing and simulation models apart from controlled-labs.
  • Data transport and security expertise.
  • Functionality, continuous-data-transfer, real-time-data and transport-encryption assurance.
  • Checks for external factors like weather-impact, wear and tear, unexpected vulnerabilities etc.
  • Readiness for versatile hardware, interfaces, infrastructure and wireless standards.
  • Online/offline monitoring, network availability and detection checks.
  • Tests for hardware-software mesh and device-interactions.
  • Power usage and efficiency tests.
  • Usability, Compatibility and Performance testing.
  • Pilots.
  • Compliance services and regulatory testing.

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