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With the foray of Agile in the culture, approach, infrastructure and delivery of development today, it can be quite a struggle to keep pace with application-release frequency accompanied by ever-burgeoning demands for immediate testing. This is where API testing comes in, equipping what organisations need to match: the speed and surge of modern-world applications.

At CloudScaleQA, we provide ahead-of-the-pack solutions and pace with API testing services that catapult and keep you in the front row - always.

What’s Different?

We rub out the slow windows and coverage-inadequacy of GUI tests with lightning-fast sprints. Creating API tests early on in development cycle, but with a good eye on overall application and strategy, empowers us with a lot of headway. We bring in API monitoring in production, and fuel live-API endpoints with actionable and hot data, supplemented with swift feedback circuits; allowing you the visibility and reaction-swing for any loopholes or breaks. Our approach and services embrace the undercurrent of Agile practices, Continuous Integration, real-world-relevant builds for comprehensive and mission-critical testing strengths.

We Offer:

  • Assurance and reasonable coverage for both engineering and product teams.
  • An excellent and deep peek that fiddles with near-real-world issues well before product-releases to customers.
  • The ability of testers for rapid API-test creation through easy and effortless interfaces.
  • Integration scope of end-to-end test scenarios.
  • Evident augmentation of test quality.
  • Avoidance of potential software failures at the right time and with all ripple-effects considered.
  • The inclusion of other aspects like server, additional services, network.
  • Room for constantly-evolving and new use-cases.
  • Visible reduction in faults/support costs/resources/escalation requests.
  • Enablement of functional test automation by injecting it in a left-way at the API level.
  • Ready-fit for Continuous Testing, Agile, and DevOps.
  • Low-maintenance and easy-to-implement tools.
  • In-depth and detailed coverage of minute functionalities (missed in UI tests) are taken under the ambit.
  • Rapid execution.
  • Checks for each new build and user-experience impact.
  • Easy-to-update interfaces.

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