Horses for courses. And vice versa.

Mobile testing has become a critical strength in a landscape strewn with new devices, technologies and ever-changing user-expectations (the barometer for top-notch experience rising nonetheless). It can, however, be the weak heel if not adhered to and handled with the expertise and pace that this realm requires.

At CloudScaleQA we corral experts and technologies from a wide span of clients, industries and platforms to help you confront the unique challenges and demands of this testing terrain. Empowered with the best test architects, engineers and best-practices from all around the world, we continuously strive to make your applications as stellar and well-oiled as you want them to be.

Why us?

Our services, skills and span cover a broad scope providing customers with functional and non-functional testing, a variety of carriers, networks, accessories, mobile test platforms, browsers and devices; amplified with the most-advanced methodologies and updates. We also penetrate all slices of this pie with proficiency in Compatibility, Security, Installation, Interruption, Performance, User Interface and Battery testing. The apps in our orbit can be native, web, or hybrid. Our competencies also enable customers with their Test Audit, Strategy, Consultancy and automation needs.

Crucial and deep collaborations with the best in the world help us stay ahead of the game and pull our customers along there too.

Here, you will always find yourself close to everything that sharpens testing:

  • Sharp reporting dashboards.
  • New approaches like exploratory testing or merciless user-focus that is missing from traditional scripted models.
  • Scalable solutions.
  • Ability to wrestle with unique testing challenges.
  • Swift and fast-reacting interfaces.
  • Use of actual devices or ace emulators.
  • Fully-furnished labs.
  • Outcome-orientation in everything we do.
  • Balance with cost considerations.

We offer

  • Feasibility Services
  • Advisory support
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Dedicated testing environments
  • Crucial certifications
  • Analytics-amplified tests

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