Adding People Power

Even the best cars rust in the absence of good drivers. Irrespective of how good a software or product can potentially be, it would be as good as vapour-ware when it lacks the right hands and heads around. We understand this fundamental need and have taken special note of having the right talent ready and raring for today’s software renaissance.

Why CloudScaleQA?

Our Software Development Engineer and Test (SDET) teams do not just apply rich competencies and experiences but they understand today’s changing world with an open mind and pragmatism. They know how tricky and how indispensable areas like end-to-end Test Automation, dual roles of testing and development, code-quality in face of pressing deadlines, and the penetration of SaaS species can get.

Our teams are adequately equipped with specialized skills, testing knowledge, competence with multiple tools, architectures and designs to cater to these challenges. They are amenable for all categories of testing and practices - from Unit-testing to White-box testing, from UX-testing to Compliance testing, from API-testing to Accessibility-testing.

SDET competence comes assured with:

  • A stronghold on building testing solutions with the right sense of context and challenges.
  • Capabilities for coding, testing, analytics, cloud, builds, project-management and framework-jobs.
  • System integration and product-design perspective and comfort with a variety of test scenarios and user-cases.
  • A good sense of scalability, reliability, security, regulatory needs and consistency and overall user needs.
  • Collaborative approaches.
  • Experience in churning out sharp, clear and comprehensive test plans.
  • Meticulous approach with analysis, process, problem-solving etc.
  • Exemplary work in bug-remediation, reporting and quality assurance.

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