Be like a ballet dancer. Agile. But effortlessly so.

With the influx of Agile culture and models trickling down to almost every corner of the application development world, it is vital that Agile Testing is handled with an expert and laser-sharp focus. There is no room for letting testing slip in an age where words like ‘continuous’, ‘consistent’ and ‘lean’ have become hallmarks of survival.

Why CloudScaleQA

Our experts are good at both the work and its ripples on the entire lifecycle and process of applications. They take a holistic and seasoned view of the concept as well as the practical grounds of Agile Testing.


Our philosophy as well as tools set us apart from the average Joe:

  • Maintaining Agile thrust across SDLC, Quality Assurance and Testing.
  • Getting the tricky juggling act right between time-to-market metrics and application quality/experience.
  • Ability to weave in functional testing, test automation, performance testing and engineering under the Agile theme.
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate within the Agile engineering team and provide thought leadership on test strategy
  • Thorough and in-depth understanding of Agile testing quadrants

Infrastructure and Approach

  • Robust teams of testers and practitioners.
  • A wide stable of competencies that run across Sprint, Scrum, ATDD, BDD, SAFe, SoS, Distributed Frameworks etc.
  • Ability to serve global-delivery models and distributed environments.
  • Leading tools and practices.
  • An unrelenting thrust on quality and timelines with iron-clad metrics and measures.

Get In Touch With Us

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