Are you getting what was promised?

Meeting definite user requirements and specifications is an acid test for any software. We take pride in being the frontrunners in this realm by delivering ace and adept Functional Testing Services. This is where we enable and empower our customers across several stages of software lifecycle by dovetailing testing objectives with business impact – but without sacrificing precision or perfection.

Why CloudScaleQA

CloudScaleQA wields the inimitable match of experience and expertise that ekes out insights from a vast basket of projects undertaken and a huge string of challenges conquered.

What we offer?

  • A quick and deep understanding of products we help to build.
  • Ability to inject quality and proactive work early on in the lifecycle of software.
  • Competencies that span verification and validation of applications - whether it is an independent software vendor or a pure-business enterprise.
  • The strategic grip on end-user expectations that define functionality to the hilt.
  • Skill and experience to bring together all stakeholders – business teams, IT teams, programming pros – and keep them well-glued for on-going and user-savvy deliveries.


We assure customers to address the nuances and imperatives of Functional Testing with a hawk-eyed approach to defects; handled through early-lifecycle-testing. But at the same time, we work relentlessly on shrinking testing costs, rework-burdens and on observing industry-standards, testing principles and quality-benchmarks with utmost diligence.


Our portfolio of strengths and solutions is vast and deep. It entails a staggering range of testing levels, techniques, tools; while complemented with ahead-of-the-curve test accelerators and methodologies.

From regression testing, acceptance testing, data verification testing to requirement-ambiguity testing and smoke testing; we have a foothold everywhere. We also keep an eye out for the latest enhancements and innovations in this domain. We strive to cater to a vast expanse of methodologies and industries, keeping our customers as agile and as flawless as they want their software to be.


Ours is a strategically-inclined, context-driven approach that views functional testing as a critical spoke in the software wheel. We take utmost care to take into account every tool, practice and requirement that can have ramifications on user experience.

Under the ambit of Functional Testing, we are well-furnished to offer:

  • Audit, strategy and consultancy
  • Design and Frameworks
  • Advisory services
  • Tooling and Execution capabilities
  • Review and Execution expertise
  • Risk-savvy testing
  • Comfort and confidence with both traditional and agile environments

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