Data has always been the brick of any software-building process. No IT process or technology experience can afford to ignore or forget this fundamental constituent. More so, in the data-defined engagements, offerings, models and disruptive technologies which have occupied our lives in the last few years. It becomes indispensable to ensure that testing covers all visible and invisible data aspects well- especially where Extraction, Transfer and Loading (ETL) processes play a relevant role. This is where Data Warehouse and ETL testing assume pivotal importance.

Why us?

Our radical and successful foray in this area is marked by a good understanding of the ramifications of a technology transformation for any organisation; and how having smooth, well-digested and well-shelved data makes a lot of difference here. We bring in the seriousness and the expertise that this seemingly run-of-the-mill area needs so direly during a software transition.

We ensure

  • A project-to-production mindset.
  • Robust verification and validation support.
  • An ability to pre-empt and address incompatible, invalid, versatile, duplicate, missing, complex, and massive/unwieldy data.
  • Avoidance of loss of data during ETL, unstable environments, acquisition hurdles.
  • Availability of inclusive test bed and testers’ integration.
  • Alignment with user-side challenges and requirements.

We offer

  • Transformation Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Source-to-Target Testing
  • Migration Testing
  • Data Quality Testing
  • Testing for performance and scalability
  • Process-change testing
  • Production validation testing
  • Report services

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