Tapping the anywhere-intelligence

Organisations are in a fluid state today with ever-changing customer needs, habits, preferences and technology disruptions. It is paramount that a liquid-level readiness and agility is manifested in how work is approached, done and by whom.

We take extreme pleasure in being at the forefront of this new work tide. Driving confidently in a landscape where Cloud, Agile Development, Uber-for-X, Design-Thinking tenets, As-a-Service suffixes are impacting every product and customer in direct/indirect ways is a mammoth and daunting task. We inject the power of Crowds and Clouds in underlining workforce with new momentum, scale and explosive pace.

We bring to the table:

  • Ability to galvanise the best of skills and strengths across the globe –anytime, anywhere.
  • Tools and Expertise in bringing versatile teams, minds and hands towards a common outcome.
  • A deep and certain understanding of the implications of new software-era.
  • An extraordinary craft of instilling ‘Liquid’ essence inside Architecture, Applications, software delivery and teams.
  • Platforms and building blocks that strengthen liquid approaches and pump up projects and ideas with exponential scale and infinite possibilities.
  • Intelligent Automation, coding, management and testing with ‘liquid’ underpinnings.
  • A throbbing and rich community of testers with a mix of expertise, geographic advantage and experience.
  • Innovation and edge propelled thanks to crowd intelligence.
  • Unprecedented ability to address the daunting versatility and expectation-range of users.

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