Every Achilles has a heel.

Even after a comprehensive check; and bolting all possible tricky spots through functional-testing, UI-testing and performance-testing; getting an application out there is a risk-prone affair. More so in a world inhabited and stirred up by minds bent on mischief at the slightest opportunity or crevice. This is where security-testing assumes a new significance and challenge. It does not matter how many times one thinks an application is working well, what matters is how many times it goofs up.

Why us?

We jump in with the best of tools and minds to think like the intruders and, thus, disarm them at the very onset. We make sure every aspect and every nook is sealed well. This spans:

  • Mission-critical security
  • Network security
  • Source-Code Review
  • UI areas’ security
  • Behaviour-engineering security
  • Mobile-application security
  • Cloud-application security
  • Web-application penetration testing
  • Code-quality assurance
  • Compliance-friendly risk mitigation

The whole idea and battle is to chop away risks and vulnerabilities while strengthening the application from the core. This is catered for a variety of industry verticals and scenarios.

What helps us here is a huge kit of strengths

  • Use of Certified Ethical Hackers
  • Dedicated and inveterate testing teams
  • Expertise in zero-day vulnerabilities as well as DoS, DDoS elements
  • Good hold on false-positives
  • Domain expertise for specific needs
  • The latest tools and case studies

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