Because you can’t win the pie with a butter-knife

A lead. A sharp side. An advantage that no one else has…

At CloudScaleQA, we define ‘edge’ in the shape of a futuristic platform. We fondly call it “Loop”.

As a next-generation, ahead-of-the-curve and robust continuous-testing-enablement platform, Loop is equipping many enterprises as they succeed to achieve seamless integration with CI/CD/DevOps ecosystems while arming their agile teams with a new found speed and flexibility.

With Loop, DevOps teams can interact with the platform and cover the following areas swiftly and smoothly:

  • Continuous-test strategy
  • Continuous-test planning
  • Continuous-test design
  • Continuous-test creation (Selenium, Appium, RestAssured, SonarQube, Jmeter, exploratory-tests)
  • Continuous-test execution
  • Continuous-test reporting
  • Continuous-test analytics and continuous-improvement

Strengths that Loop weaves in

  • Enforcement of Continuous-testing best-practices without any kinks or holes.
  • Thorough and well-rounded understanding of how DevOps / CICD / Automation can eke out indelible outcome
  • Confidence for modern product-engineering.
  • A handy kit around aligned skills – Agile, Build, Deploy etc.
  • The inimitable and meticulous support that staff teams can always count upon.
  • Strong leadership (corner-room as well as think-tanks)
  • Mid-level leadership muscle and flair that pack experience and ambition in a formidable combination.
  • Enviable pipelines and induction programs.
  • An outstanding traction of successful and flawless delivery of complex results.
  • Deep-cutting Agile / Automation experience gained by veterans who have sunk their teeth into a versatile stable of challenges over the last few years.

Why us

At CloudScaleQA, all the above pillars do not sound wobbly at all because here, they are cemented with Leadership that looks beyond ‘themselves’ and the ‘now’. Our honchos are ardently involved in evangelism and training a new breed of SDETs. The organisation throbs in an overall culture of modern-practice thinking that runs in every aspect of our work and approach. It is a community built ground-up and nurtured by every hand on the deck - inhabited with keen, ready and consummate teams; and injected with flexible engagement models. Here you will always gain a new pace and perspective relentlessly carved out from well-defined methods that combine agile, automation and deployment. Top leadership propels all this through direct engagement with clients. Why, you may wonder? Well, we want to help our clients get it right – and get sharp.

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