CloudScaleQA keyword driven framework gave access to the cloud controllers and ensured data portability for a cloud storage systems provider

Introduction:The Client is a major provider of Cloud Storage Systems that support a variety of global cloud infrastructure providers, leveraging their back up and file replication technologies. The Client also offers proprietary software for various requirements of cloud based licensing and usage of software, which are used for data centralization and remote access.

Problem statement

  • One of the key challenges of the client was ensuring data portability and accuracy in replication, back up and remote access
  • Complexity of testing through APIs and connectivity over cloud and replication of the Client’s global file system
  • Remote test execution and validations as needed by the application systems

Solution and implementation

  • CloudScaleQA provided an open source keyword driven test solution to the client and enabled interaction with the cloud controllers. The solution was implemented on Ride - Telnet based framework and built a test suite (GUI + API) that exercised the client’s global cloud infrastructure
  • Used a master-slave approach and achieved remote execution of the test suite from local systems by accessing the client cloud controllers



  • Reduced the regression testing time by 30% through our automated suite
  • A combination of GUI tests and API tests helped speed up the test execution time and also achieve “test early”, “test often” objectives of the client
  • The test suites have been seamlessly integrated to be triggered from within Jenkins and became part of client’s CI/CD process.

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