CloudScaleQA regression suite provides continuous testing for complex enterprise communication products.

Introduction: The Client builds products and solutions for businesses worldwide to communicate faster, easier and better. The client engaged CloudScaleQA to construct a robust regression testing framework covering multiple devices and browsers and run the tests within their CI/CD pipelines.

Problem statement

  • One of the critical issues for the client is to achieve a higher degree of coverage for the mobile and web component testing on multiple devices and browsers.
  • To integrate the automated test runs within their CI/CD pipeline to achieve their on-demand release objectives.
  • The client wanted to build an independent-yet- integrated agile testing team.

Solution and implementation

  • CloudScaleQA team built a comprehensive test case repository using Selenium/Java framework and executed automated tests on identified real-time devices for Android and iOS.
  • Performed pair testing to speed up the testing process for the mobile collaboration platform.
  • Performed scalability testing on the ‘Call’ functionality to assess the app behavior for various call loads and group calls—critical for enterprise- wide implementation.



  • Reduced the regression testing time with compatibility tests across web browsers.
  • Accomplished extensive device and OS test coverage for web and mobile apps.
  • Enabled the client development team to adopt iterative development and focus on new product features and enhancements supported by a robust regression suite.

CloudScaleQA testing experts ensure that your application can deliver a seamless and delightful user experience in terms of navigation, comprehension, performance and interactions for a variety of users.