A US-based fin-tech servicing firm innovates to develop a scalable, flexible platform that helps clients build and launch better debit, credit, and lending products—selected and engaged CloudScaleQA to build shift-left performance testing capabilities.

Introduction: CloudScaleQA helped the client engineering organization improve its matured Continuous Quality Engineering capabilities by building suitable shift-left performance testing practices.

Problem statement

  • The platform is built on modern API-based architecture and provides robust tools and features.
  • The platform maintains an immutable general ledger with dynamic retroactive events and supports multiple issuer processor integrations.
  • The platform attained a critical capability, and quality engineering issues surfaced as more clients started being serviced by the platform.
  • The client needed a top-notch consulting team to build early and small-scale performance test automation that can be integrated within their CI/CD pipelines.

Solution and implementation

  • CloudScaleQA conducted a tool feasibility analysis that meets the client’s needs based on their technology stack and shift-left performance testing goals.
  • CloudScaleQA built API load tests using the K6.io framework and integrated them inside CI/CD pipelines.
  • Designed and built end-to-end scenario-based performance and load tests using the API layer.
  • Simulated GUI-based tests that are triggered through the API layer.
  • Successfully integrated the low-scale performance test within the client’s CI/CD pipelines.



  • CloudScaleQA deployed a top-notch API and performance testing team less than a week after the project approval.
  • CloudScaleQA added 1000+ fast executing end-to-end API-based functional performance tests run on every build - significantly improved confidence in the build quality after every change and identified performance risks early.
  • The performance tests increased from 10 virtual users to 100 virtual users for each API.

CloudScaleQA testing experts ensure that your application can deliver a seamless and delightful user experience in terms of navigation, comprehension, performance, and interactions for various users.