As a next-generation, ahead-of-the-curve and robust continuous-testing-enablement platform, LOOP is equipping many enterprises as they succeed to achieve seamless integration with CI/CD/DevOps ecosystems while arming their agile teams with a new found speed and flexibility.

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Test Automation Tool Assessment

Analyze quickly, precisely and in a wall-to-wall way - as to which test automation tool, technology, framework-combination will suit the application/technology stack you are concerned/excited about. No Waiting rooms here.

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Automation Suitability Analysis

An unbelievably-handy DIY assessment tool that can swiftly and smoothly plot the applications of the client into Low Cost-Low Risk, Low Cost-High Risk, High Cost-Low Risk, High Cost-High Risk quadrants. It does not miss any dots, mind you!

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Test Automation ROI

A Test Automation ROI calculator which makes it possible for you to ascertain the productivity, cost-outcomes and financial-gains of any intervention on the fly. Zip, zap, zoom...

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How well are you managing your Continuous Delivery?

CI/CD Maturity Assessment

An instrument that helps you to assess the current level of maturity related to Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery areas. In fact, there is more to it – it also provides direction to achieve higher levels of maturity, thus, helping you reach where you should aim instead of massaging complacence.

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In this age where customers have turned extremely fast-heeled, impatient and hungry for technology-on-their-tips; it is, often, too challenging a jog to keep up with them. You need someone by your side to understand them and deliver for new needs fluidly, furiously-quick and flawlessly.

Welcome to CloudScaleQA- The pit-stop for fast and furious software.

We are as obsessed about serving application-leaders, makers and keepers; as they are about the digitally-fuelled users they serve.

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